Glamorous AI forms a partnership with Cardiff University to discover possible Covid-19 drugs

UK-based Artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery company Glamorous AI has announced that it has entered into a research collaboration with Cardiff University focusing on the use of Glamorous AI’s platform for Covid-19 research.

The partners will collaborate to discover novel inhibitors against the Covid-19 main protease (SARS CoV2 MPro), which plays a critical role in the replication of the virus.

The partnership will leverage Glamorous AI’s platform, Rosalind, to integrate human chemistry insights with AI-powered rapid design of novel inhibitors against Covid-19 main protease SARS CoV2 MPro. The identified compounds will be progressed into further testing and analysis through a combination of AI and lab experiments rounds, thereby shortening the drug discovery process.

Glamorous AI’s CEO Noor Shaker said: “As we face the threat of Covid-19, it becomes more important than ever to innovate and unite our expertise and resources. Our collaboration with Cardiff University is a great milestone for Glamorous AI. It demonstrates how our AI platform can be used for the rapid discovery of novel compounds. We are excited to deliver on the first phase of this project and excited to move to the second phase where some of the AI-designed compounds will be further tested to inform further progress on this project.”

Dr. Youcef Mehellou, who is from Cardiff University and leading the medicinal chemistry aspects of this project, said “There is an urgency for discovering new COVID19 treatments, and the classic drug discovery strategies may take a long time to yield new treatments. However, through our partnership with Glamorous AI, we aim to apply state-of-the-art AI models to speed up the discovery of COVID19 treatments, which will ultimately be of benefit to millions of people worldwide.”